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10 Guitar Finger Exercises To Improve Your Kills

You want to be a great guitarist, right? Okay then, let’s do some guitar finger exercises!

10 Guitar Finger Exercises

You can’t just be a great guitarist overnight. You’ll have to put in hours and hours locked inside your bedroom to improve your skills. And to make some kills when you go onstage.

No, no, no, we’re not talking about bloody murder here. We’re just talking about winning the crowd over with your stellar guitar performance.

Let’s start with some very basic guitar finger exercises; these are designed to improve your guitar skills guaranteed! Continue reading “10 Guitar Finger Exercises To Improve Your Kills” »

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Player Tips: How To Help Your Child Play The Guitar Well

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Picking up a new instrument is not a walk in the park. Learning to play a musical instrument from scratch requires commitment, discipline, and perseverance – all abilities and traits that a young child may lack in abundance. Therefore, it is imperative for the parents to create a wonderful learning environment that encourages and helps the child play the guitar well. It has been proven that children who are trained musically tend to perform better academically, socially, and artistically than their peers. If you are in the dark about how to help your child play the guitar well, fret not, as we have listed some tips to help you. Continue reading “Player Tips: How To Help Your Child Play The Guitar Well” »