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10 Guitar Finger Exercises To Improve Your Kills

You want to be a great guitarist, right? Okay then, let’s do some guitar finger exercises!

10 Guitar Finger Exercises

You can’t just be a great guitarist overnight. You’ll have to put in hours and hours locked inside your bedroom to improve your skills. And to make some kills when you go onstage.

No, no, no, we’re not talking about bloody murder here. We’re just talking about winning the crowd over with your stellar guitar performance.

Let’s start with some very basic guitar finger exercises; these are designed to improve your guitar skills guaranteed! Continue reading “10 Guitar Finger Exercises To Improve Your Kills” »

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Player Tips: How To Help Your Child Play The Guitar Well

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Picking up a new instrument is not a walk in the park. Learning to play a musical instrument from scratch requires commitment, discipline, and perseverance – all abilities and traits that a young child may lack in abundance. Therefore, it is imperative for the parents to create a wonderful learning environment that encourages and helps the child play the guitar well. It has been proven that children who are trained musically tend to perform better academically, socially, and artistically than their peers. If you are in the dark about how to help your child play the guitar well, fret not, as we have listed some tips to help you. Continue reading “Player Tips: How To Help Your Child Play The Guitar Well” »

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Guitar Cables – Things You Should Know

If you think that guitar cables don´t play a role in enhancing the tone of your guitar, you should remove that train of thought instantly. You should understand what it is about guitar cables that help improve the guitar tone. Also popularly referred to as an instrument cable, a guitar cable basically connects the guitar to an amplifier.

Guitar Cables Things You Should Know

You can read more how to fix a broken guitar string here. Continue reading “Guitar Cables – Things You Should Know” »

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How To Fix A Broken Guitar String

How To Fix A Broken Guitar String

If you are looking for a quick solution to help replace your broken guitar string, you have come to the right place. However, guitar string changes shouldn’t only take place because of broken strings. You need to replace your old guitar strings if they are worn out too. Strumming the guitar with worn strings would give you problems with intonation and tuning; the sound old worn out strings produce also isn´t bright. If you play the guitar on a regular basis, you should change the strings every three weeks. When purchasing guitar strings, you should understand that the thickness of the strings directly affects the performance; therefore, the thicker the strings are, the better the tones they provide. However, thicker strings are more difficult to strum. Before straying away from the topic any further, let´s help you replace your broken guitar string. Continue reading “How To Fix A Broken Guitar String” »

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How To Find The Key Of Any Song On Guitar

how to find the key on guitar

Do let us know if we are wrong, but we believe you here because you can´t read standard notation and you would rather play by ear after reading the tabs. If you want to become an expert at playing by ear, you will need to fully know the major scale that comprises of seven different chords. Of course, it is not going to be easy scrutinizing all genres of music with the aforementioned formula, but you need not require a particular set of skills to locate the key of a song on the guitar. What you need is a just a little bit of reference and you are good to go. Continue reading “How To Find The Key Of Any Song On Guitar” »